Automatic Water Level Recorder

The Automatic Water Level Recorder has a data logger capable to record the variation in water level at user’s selectable time interval with date and time stamp. The imported solinst canada make automatic water level recorder ideal for research grade quality measurement at remote locations. The automatic water level recorder is effective for recording of long term water level fluctuations. This non-vented pressure transducer based instrument with logger and battery in a sealed small ss capsule can be easily installed inside a 2” diameter pvc or ms pipe/still well. Automatic water level recorder is also suitable for stream gauging. details raw material used : sssizes available : 0-5/10/20/30/100 meters technical specifications the automatic water level recorder combines a data logger, temperature sensor, pressure transducer, and a 5-year battery in a small, maintenance free, and waterproof stainless steel housing. The levelogger features a non-volatile memory with a capacity of 32,000 sets of temperature and water level data points. Readings are linear at a user-defined interval between 0.5 seconds to 99 hours. Accuracy is 0.1% fs, with a lifetime factory calibration.

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