Digital Soil Moisture Meter

We offer imported irrometer usa make Digital Soil Moisture Meter. The digital soil moisture meter has a data logger to record the variation in soil moisture at user’s selectable time interval with date and time stamp. The digital soil moisture meter is used for soil moisture measurement for irrigation scheduling. The digital soil moisture meter is inexpensive, easy to use, and maintenance free. details range : 0-200 centibarssizes available : 1.5 meter, 3 meter, etc. highlights fully solid statedoes not dissolves in soilno affect of freezing temperaturesinternal compensation for commonly found salinity levels how to use digital soil moisture meter? place a watermark sensor in the root zone of your crop or turf and use the handheld digital meter to get an instant reading of moisture tension from 0 (saturated) to 200 (dry) centibar.

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Product Code Digital Soil Moistur