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Roorkee Industries offers a number of Instruments & Equipment for Meteorological, Hydrological, Agricultural Research and Survey. The company has been in the business for more than a half a century. We have developed expertise in importing and supplying world-class products across the globe. Our product range includes Pressure Plate Apparatus, Silva Compass, Soil Moisture Tensiometer, Suspended Solids Meter, Digital Soil Moisture Meter, Estwing Hammer, Concrete Test Hammer, Automatic Weather Station, Automatic Water Level Recorder, and Automatic Rain Gauges. To ensure that the products are safely supplied, we pack them in high quality Cartons and Wooden Boxes.

  • Digital TDR  Soil Moisture Sensor
    The TDR-315L is a true waveform digitizing Time Domain Reflectometer that derives soil permittivity and water content from the propagation time of an electromagnetic impulse conveyed along its waveguide. Like many of its expensive predecessors (conventional TDR mainframes) it contains an ultra-fast

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    Digital TDR Soil Moisture Sensor

  • Portable All-in-one Weather Station
    This Pre-programmed Weather Station features data logger that stores your measurements in a fail-safe, non-volatile memory at user-defined intervals - until you transfer the data to your PC. Just plug in sensor suite, set your measurement intervals and start logging data. It measure air

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    Portable All-in-one Weather Station

  • Automated Particle Size Analyser Pario
    PARIO calculates the particle size distribution by Stokes’ law, with the range of particle sizes spanning from 63 μm to 1 μm. It allows for unattended, automated operation, with no interference by lab personnel. Just set it up and come back 6 hours later to a finished measurement with

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    Automated Particle Size Analyser Pario

  • KSAT Bench Top Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Meter

    Type : Automatic

    Certification : CE Certified

    Frequency : 50Hz-65Hz

    Body Material : Brass, Plastic

    Power Source : Electric

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    KSAT Bench Top Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Meter

  • Soil Water Potential Measuring System
    The WP4C can be used to measure the water potential of any porous material.  It's typically used to analyze soil, soilless substrates, plant material, and seeds, but it has been used to measure a variety of unusual things, including apples, bricks, oil, and insect carapaces. It is a

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    Soil Water Potential Measuring System

  • Double Ring Infiltro Meter
    Double Ring Infiltrometer rings made from 14 gauge MS sheet rolled and butt-welded. Hammering end reinforced with ½” iron strip and other end sharpened for smooth entry in to soil.  Complete with one inner ring 30-cm dia.; one outer ring 45-cm dia. (Height of rings 30-cm); Driving

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    Double Ring Infiltro Meter

  • Ordinary or Non-Recording Rain Gauge
    Non Recording Rain Gauge (200 cm sq) is manufactured from non-corrosive fiberglass reinforced plastic as per IS: 5225: 1969. It consists of collector assembled with Gunmetal Ring, Funnel, Locking Rings and Base. This Rain Gauge is supplied with Rain collector of 200-mm capacity and un-breakable

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    Ordinary or Non-Recording Rain Gauge

  • Pan Evaporimeter
    The Evaporation Pan is used to determine the evaporation rate of open water. The Pan is manufactured from GI/Copper sheet, duly tinned and epoxy pointed as per IS: 5973: 1970, and tested for no water leakage. The Stilling well and measuring bucket are manufactured from Brass/copper. This is

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    Pan Evaporimeter

  • Sun Shine Recorder
    Sun – Shine Recorder is manufactured as per IS: 7243: 1974, and is used for accurate measurement of the duration of Bright Sunshine. Basic main components are Bowls that are precisely manufactured from Bronze as per IS: 306: 1968. The Base is of White Marble. The Sphere Bowl is made from

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    Sun Shine Recorder

  • Soil Thermometer
    Soil thermometer resists breakage and corrosion. Other features include a stainless steel stem, polycarbonate lens and easy-to-read markings. Dial: 2” dia; Length: 20 cm (8”); Temperature Range: -15°C to 50°C; Graduations: 1°C; Accuracy: 1% full scale.

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    Soil Thermometer

  • Soil Penetrometer
    Quickly determine the extent of subsurface soil compaction with this tester! A color-coded, stainless steel dial indicates if growing conditions are good (green), fair (yellow), or poor (red). The dial is liquid-filled to reduce shock. The tester features a durable molded housing, rubber hand

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    Soil Penetrometer

  • Digital TDR350  Soil Moisture Meter
    The TDR 350 accurately measures soil moisture across the full range of soil conditions. Improved ergonomic design provides quick and easy measurements. Validate your cultural practices with hands free data collection integrated with Bluetooth and GPS.   Increased accuracy of soil moisture

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    Digital TDR350 Soil Moisture Meter

  • Automatic Rain Gauges

    Material : Pvc

    Collector Diameter : 8” as Recommended By Nws & Imd

    Resolution : 0.2 Mm

    Data Logger : Fitted Inside the Rain Gauge

    Memory : 2 Mb Can Store >1 Year Rainfall Data

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    Automatic Rain Gauges

  • Automatic Water Level Recorder

    Range in Meters : 0-10/30/60/120m

    Level Sensor : Non-vented Type Piezoresistive

    Level Sensor Accuracy : ± 0.05% Fs or Better

    Temp. Sensor : Range -25-85 ºc

    Temp. Sensor : Resolution 0.06 ºc

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    Automatic Water Level Recorder

  • Automatic Weather Station

    Atmospheric Humidity : 0-100%Rh

    Sampling Freq : 1 sec to 1week

    Display Feature : LCD, Online

    Application : Weather Forecast

    Wind Speed : 0-60m/S

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    Automatic Weather Station

  • Concrete Test Hammer

    Material : Stainless Steel

    Power : Electronic

    Usage : Impact Testing Machine,Concrete Impact Testing Schmidt Hammer

    Impact Energy : 2.207 Nm

    Weight Approx : 1.5 kg

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    Concrete Test Hammer

  • Estwing Hammer

    Size : 6"

    Head : 11"L 1.5Ibs

    Hammer Material : Steel

    Net Weight : 900g

    Hammer Type : Geology Hammer

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    Estwing Hammer

  • Digital Soil Moisture Meter

    Application : Agriculture

    Sensor : Granular Matrix

    Measurement Range : 0-200 Centi Bars

    Measures : Soil Moisture (suction)

    Display : Digital

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    Digital Soil Moisture Meter

  • Suspended Solids Meter

    Range : 0-1500 Mg/l or 250-30,000 Mg/l

    Accuracy : ± 5%

    Sensor Cable Length : 6m or 20 Feet

    Display : Digital LCD

    Features : Reliable Performance, Rugged Construction, Easy Maintenance

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    Suspended Solids Meter

  • Soil Moisture Tensiometer

    Application : Moisture

    Precision : 2.5 Kpa

    Measuring range : 0-85 Kpa

    Diameter of pottery pipe : 2 cm

    Length of pottery pipe : 7 cm

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    Soil Moisture Tensiometer

  • Silva Compass

    Display Type : Analog

    Diameter : 5

    Material : Brass, Aluminium

    Surface Treatment : Galvanized

    Temperature Range : 20 - 60 C

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    Silva Compass

  • Pressure Plate Apparatus

    Extractor : 5 Bar & 15 Bar

    Ceramic Plates : 1 Bar, 3 Bar, 5 Bar & 15 Bar

    Compressor : 20 Bar with Safety Features

    Surface Finish : Water Resistant

    Manifold : Contains 2 Manometers with Coarse & fine Regulators

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    Pressure Plate Apparatus

  • Drain Gauge Passive Capillary Lysimeter

    Operating temperature : 0 to 50°C (Pressure transducer cannot be allowed to freeze while submersed.)

    Measurement time : 300 ms (milliseconds)

    Output : Serial TTL, 3.6 Volts Levels or SDI-12

    Connector types : 3.5 mm (stereo) plug, or stripped & tinned lead wires

    Cable length : 5 m standard; custom lengths available upon request

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    Drain Gauge Passive Capillary Lysimeter

  • Flow Probe

    Range : 0.3-19.9 FPS (0.1-6.1 MPS)

    Accuracy : 0.1 FPS

    Averaging : True digital running average. Updated once per second

    Display : LCD, Glare and UV Protected

    Control : 4 button

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    Flow Probe

  • Geological Compass

    Material : Alluminum, Brass

    Use : Direction Tracking

    Rotation Degree : 360°

    Size/Diameter : 2.5" Approximately

    Resolution : 2 degree

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    Geological Compass

  • Guelph Permeameter

    Auger Cutting Diameter : 6.0 cm (2-3/8 inches)

    Well Height Range : 2.5 cm to 25 cm

    Collapsible Water container Capacity : 11.36 litres (3.0 gallons)

    Maximum Permeameter Capacity : 3.18 litres (0.84 gallons)

    Overall Carrying Case Weight : 11 kg (25 lbs)

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    Guelph Permeameter

  • KD2 Pro Thermal Properties Analyser

    Data Storage : 4,095 readings, flash memory

    Measurement Speed : 1, 2, 5, & 10 min. read times depending on measurement type

    Compliance to Standards : ASTM Standard D5334-08 and IEEE Standard 442-1981

    Operating Environment of Sensors : -50° to 150°C

    Battery Source : 4 AA

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    KD2 Pro Thermal Properties Analyser

  • Leaf Porometer

    Accuracy : 10%

    Operating Environment : 5 – 40°C; 0-100% relative humidity with desiccant chamber

    Measurement Time : 30 seconds (in auto mode)

    Sample Chamber Aperture : 6.35mm (.25 in)

    Data Storage : 4095 measurements

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    Leaf Porometer

  • Mini Disk Infiltrometer

    Total Length : 32.7 cm

    Diameter of Tube : 3.1 cm

    Volume of Water Required to Operate : 135 ml

    Length of Water Reservoir : 21.2 cm

    Length of Mariotte Tube : 28 cm

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    Mini Disk Infiltrometer

  • Plant Canopy Analyser

    Display : Digital

    Sensor Inputs : Two 6-pin connectors for LAI-2250 Optical Sensors; Two BNC connectors for LI-COR Light Sensors.

    Data Storage Capacity : 128 MB of FAT16 memory

    Keypad : 2 button, tactile response keypad.

    Applications : Studies of canopy growth, canopy productivity, forest vigor, etc.

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    Plant Canopy Analyser

  • Point Source Bailer

    Standard Lengths : 2 ft

    O.D. inch : 0.5 to 2 inch

    Capacity : 1.7 to 29 oz

    Material : Stainless Steel

    Features : Simple and Cost Effective, No expensive ancillary equipment is needed

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    Point Source Bailer

  • Portable Water Level Indicator

    Application : Measure Water Level

    Material : Frame: Stainless Steel; Spool: Pvc

    Type : Electronic

    Power : 9 Volt Battery

    Levels Range : 30 M to 300 M

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    Portable Water Level Indicator

  • Suction Lysimeter

    Shaft : OD 22 mm, ID 16 mm, Wall 3 mm

    Ceramic Tip : 7 cm

    Length : 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm

    Outside Diameter : 2 inch

    Storage Volume : 260 - 1000 ml

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    Suction Lysimeter

  • Temperature RH Data Logger Recorder

    Celsius Range : 40-105 C

    Usage : Industrial,Laboratory

    Weight : 1.83 oz (52 g)

    Record day : 111 day

    Screen Size : 1 inch

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    Temperature RH Data Logger Recorder

  • Wind Data Logger

    Wind Speed Range : 0-67 M/sec

    Accuracy : ± 2%

    Memory : 1 Mb

    Wind Velocity Sensor : 4 Blade Propeller

    Wind Directon Range : 0-360 Degree No Deadband

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    Wind Data Logger

  • Water Conductivity & Temperature & Level Meter

    Type : Conductivity Meter

    Weight : 100-200gm

    Voltage : 3-6VDC

    Features : Accuracy, Light Weight

    Available Water Level Range : 30m to 300m

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    Water Conductivity & Temperature & Level Meter

  • Oil & Static Interface Level Meter

    Type : Level Meters

    Weight : 400-500g

    Color : Black & Yellow

    Usage : Indsustrial Usage

    Automatic Grade : Automatic

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    Oil & Static Interface Level Meter

  • Vertical Downhole Inspection Cameras

    Type : Inspection Camera

    Brand Name : Heron

    Material : Plastic

    Color : Yellow

    Voltage : 220V

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    Vertical Downhole Inspection Cameras