Portable Water Level Indicator

We are the most trusted name among Suppliers and Exporters of Portable Water Level Indicator, which is designed specifically by topnotch researchers to measure the water levels in deep bore wells. We provide customers with a wide range of Portable Water Level Indicators that are capable of fitting in a 2-centimeter gap. Our teams of experts perform a number of thorough tests on all the Hydrological devices to ensure superior quality indicators reach every customer.

 More information on Portable Water Level Indicator (Sounder) :

  • The water level Indicator (Sounder) is designed for water level measurements in wells and deep bore wells. It has a steel probe connected with the flat permanently marked polyethylene tape, having markings.
  • The probe can easily be inserted in a gap of 2 centimeters. The wire is winded on a well balanced reel/spool, made of PVC having a handle to fasten the wire.
  • The probe is lowered into the stream or well or bore well, as the tip of the probe touches the surface of the water; an in-built electronic circuit indicates contact with water by sounding a beep. Depth is read from the attached cable having graduations at every m/cm/mm.